The founder of the academy has 20 years of experience in IT and works as a professor in computer programming. Her husband and co-founder has more that 20 years of experience in IT. He worked as an IT Director in an Health care organization. Their aim is to inculcate and develop coding skills to kids starting at young age. Their observation is that many of the successful software entrepreneurs started learning coding at very young age.

How the classes work?

The classes are provided through the online learning portal. Students are trained through online interactive lessons . Instructor will guide them step by step. Each student is given a user name and password for the online learning portal.  Also, students will do exercises and projects on the portal. Students will connect from home through remote sharing software. Teacher can monitor and assess every students progress through the portal. Please schedule for an orientation class to know more.

During the course, kids will learn Python, JavaScript and app development. They will be doing weekly exercises, quarterly projects making apps and games.