For your convenience, our most common parent questions are answered right here.

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How does the online training works?

Students are trained through online interactive lessons . Instructor will guide them step by step. Each student is given a user name and password for the online learning portal.  Also, students will do exercises and projects on the portal. Students will connect from home to the teachers session through remote learing software. Teacher can monitor every students progress through the portal. Please attend orientation class to know more.

What is the duration of the course?

Typically 1 year. If kids can take more classes per week, they can finish in summer.

At what Age kids can join?

For coding, kids from 6th grade and above can join. For math, Kids up to 7th grade can join.

What is the duration for each class and what are the timings?

Each class is 60 minute long and available at different days and times.

Are there different learning levels?

No. But, Students will be grouped based on age and skill level. The pace of learning will be different based on the age group.

What will happen if a student is on vacation?

The missed classes will be covered at  the later dates

What is the fee?

Free to try for 1 week for Coding and Free to try 1 month for math. After you are satisfied the way your kid is progressing, you can sign up for the full course.